Sinhicheng International Trading Co. Ltd.

Company history
   The company was 2015 in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, with international trade enterprises as the core, to provide customers with information, data, finance, customs clearance, logistics....
Strategic transformation

   After the country put forward the "one belt and one road" construction initiative, responded positively and studied the use of comprehensive trade services to enable more Chinese enterprises to go out and help domestic enterprises enhance...

Scope of business
    International trade, self-management and agency of the import and export of various commodities, the main import products: stone, wine; main export products: food additives, metal products, medical gauze and bandages, Rubber products, plastic products...



   Qingdao sinhicheng International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in Qingdao Free Trade Zone in December 2015. It is a pilot enterprise of comprehensive foreign trade services. With international trade enterprises as the core, Qingdao Xinhaicheng International Trade Co., Ltd. provides customers with information, data, finance, customs clearance, logistics, tax refund, foreign exchange and other services needed by all foreign trade exchanges, and establishes the government and large enterprises. The service ecosystem between SMEs and SMEs. Since its inception, Xin Haicheng has always adhered to innovation, from trade services to supply chain innovation services, and then to the Internet + foreign trade integrated services. Relying on its professional team and strong resource advantages, we should creatively develop the combination of supply chain management, information services and regional industries, and provide the overall solution of supply chain integration online and offline for partners.

Maritime transport service

We will serve you with excellent service and low cost.
The import and export of goods provide a safe and convenient way of operation.
To provide you with international trade.

Import trade service

Import trade service is the core business of the company. company
In the field of import trade service, we can catch up earlier.
Traced back to 2015 in China and the United States.

Modern logistics distribution fleet

Facing the China's trade market with "consumption escalation",
Companies focus on high-end brands, active layout growth.
Bonus area. By the end of 2015...

Centralized container transfer warehouse

The company has nearly two thousand square meters of intermediate storehouse available.Substitute customers, pick up goods in the city, store goods and machines.Yard, wharf clearance, pick-up, etc.

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